Poutasi Development Trust

Project Category

Client: Poutasi Development Trust

Category: Branding

Project Description

The Poutasi Development Trust is a charitable trust that engages in the social, cultural and educational development of Poutasi Village and its people.

As the final project of our Bachelor Degree the branding was developed in collaboration with Irén Andresen. As a part of the branding process we went to the Poutasi village for two weeks to meet with the client, as well as project manage the signage making.

The brand elements includes stationary, business cards, swing tags, a brand guidelines booklet, an information pamphlet, a digital appearance and signage for the different facilities of the Trust.

Single wooden poles were used for the signage. These poles represent the meaning of the village name Poutasi, which means 'One Pole'. They also represent the natural, crafted and handmade look and feel that the brand is all about.

Using stamps for application brings through the idea of sustainability, being an easy way to apply the logo and contact information onto different surfaces, like stationary.

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